Your Letters: Shaddock- Remembering Brewton

Published 6:09 am Wednesday, February 27, 2008

By Staff
For almost six years, Brewton was home for me. I lived there, worked there, worshipped there, and enjoyed countless friendships there. My “Brewton years” brought unparalleled happiness, satisfaction, and joy. For all who made those years so fulfilling, I say a heartfelt “Thanks!”
Not one single day has passed that I have not thought of a great host of dear friends, endearing children and youth, dedicated YMCA staff and volunteers, unlimited community support, magnificent YMCA facilities, and countless memories. At the top of the list of memories is the wonderful sendoff you gave us with the retirement dinner and reception, and the overly-generous retirement gift.
The passage of time affirms for me what I knew the first time I visited Brewton, Alabama: truly, this is a special place.
The Brewton Area YMCA is part of what makes Brewton so special. It makes a profoundly positive difference to the community. I consider myself fortunate to have served in this superb organization, and I know Steven Dickey feels the same. I could write volumes about Steven and the staff (Cathy, Vivian, Georgia, Jason, Keith, and all the others), but space does not permit. Besides, they all know how much I admire and respect them, one and all. They will continue to work hard and serve well. Please support them as they lead the YMCA to its best and brightest days.
Sandra and I are adjusting to retirement. I am getting accustomed to being around fewer people and less activity; Sandra is getting accustomed to me!!! I am already finding preaching opportunities, and have enjoyed lots of good basketball. My alma mater, Lamar University, is having a very successful season, and our local high school team is in the playoffs (they have won the state championship in three of the last four years). We have made some short trips and seen some family and old friends; and we look forward to future travel. Life is good!!! Oh yes, I'm doing a little yard work (very little) - for me, the worst part of retirement (Ha!).
We look forward to getting back to Brewton in the near future and would welcome a visit, phone call, email, or letter from any or all of you. The folks at the YMCA know how to get in touch with us. So, until we meet again, let me quote Jack Fitts who quoted the Apostle Paul: “I thank my God upon every remembrance of you.”
Dan Shaddock

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