Habitat project will be eco-friendly

Published 6:28 am Monday, March 3, 2008

By By Lisa Tindell – news editor
Larry and Jennifer Woods are getting a new house in East Brewton this week - one with some features new to the previous 13 Habitat for Humanity homes in Brewton.
The idea to construct such a home came after Terrence Breckenridge, co-building coordinator, and other Habitat volunteers, attended a conference last year.
Building a gree-based home does require some additional design eliments as well as a few extra dolloars, co-building coordinator Rusty Miller said.
Among energy-saving features in the home is the installation of concrete flooring.
Concrete floors will hold heat in the winter and be cooler in the summer, allowing a more energy efficient result, Miller said.
Not only will the inclusion of concrete floors help with energy efficiency in the home, it will also help to save the environment in the future.
Also allowing for better energy conservation in the home will be longer trusses that will allow for a wider overhang at the home, Miller said.
Walls for the home came partially constructed and included energy efficient windows, Rush said.
Construction of the home will continue through March 8 when completion on the project is expected.