Beautiful days are gifts to open

Published 7:12 am Wednesday, March 5, 2008

By Staff
Some days arrive like a present wrapped in blue sky tied with ribbons of white gold sunshine. One of those days is a gift to open slowly, spending each minute in anticipation of the next one until night comes to close the package.
Sunday dawned clear with not a cloud in the sky. It was one of those gift days, a piece of life to celebrate.
These thoughts came to me as I sat feeling the sun on my face. It felt like a warm blanket spread over a February day. In the distance, a bird called and another answered. Over and over, the sound filtered through the trees, one calling, the other responding.
He stopped and listened, too.
I thought about it. I suppose it could have been two guy birds talking, but I doubted it.
My husband smiled and went on with what he was doing as I turned my face back toward the sun.
When I looked down a few minutes later, my husband was back bringing a CD player with some beautiful acoustic music. As it echoed across the yard, it seemed the tree swayed in time to the sound.
I joined my husband on a round two-person lounger stretching my legs out as I rested my head on the cushion. Overhead an umbrella floated back and forth in a passing breeze. We both lay in silence, with our eyes closed enjoying the sun, the music and the feel of each other's hand as they met between us.
It was a perfect moment, one that cannot be planned or purchased but happens when all of the elements come together in just the right combination. Suddenly a furry piece of energy in the form of a rat terrier leapt onto my husband's chest putting an end to hopes of relaxing quietly.
After a little petting, she settled down to a nap, stretched out like a sunbather at the beach. We both laughed, got up and went on with our day.
Later, soft clouds sprung up in the west giving the sun a canvas on which to paint the final colors of the day. I came back to the deck, listening again to beautiful music playing softly while light dimmed to darkness.
As a chilly breeze moved through the trees, I zipped my jacket and pushed my hands deeper into my pockets. I was about to go inside when the words of the Beth Nielsen Chapman song that was playing caught my attention. I listened, amazed how perfectly they captured my feelings.
Thank you my Lord for a beautiful day
Thank you my Lord, I'm so happy to say
Thank you my Lord, for the flowers that grow
There'd be nothing I know, without you
Thank you my Lord, for the sun in the sky
Thank you my Lord, I'm so grateful that I
Thank you my Lord for the rivers that flow
There'd be nothing I know without you…
Thank you my Lord for the birds and the trees
Thank you my Lord, I am down on my knees
Thank you my Lord, for the raindrops that fall
I'd be nothing at all without you.
The song ended with children softly singing, “Thank you my Lord. Thank you my Lord, thank you my Lord. I know it's you.”
As stars dotted the sky, I joined the chorus whispering my gratitude for the perfect day that was ending and for all of the others waiting to be unwrapped.
Nancy Blackmon is a columnist for The Andalusia Star-News.