Forgotten Trails: Recent discovery could be ancient dinosaur bones

Published 6:55 am Wednesday, March 5, 2008

By Staff
Plenty of people go on fishing trips and come back with nothing, but Tommy Kennedy and his brother, Tony, came back with what they believe are the bones of some creature from prehistoric time.
Several years ago, while on a fishing trip to a branch on the Alabama River in Monroe County, the Kennedy brothers were surprised when they found their prizes. The creek was low because of dry conditions, and lying in an area where the water had gone down they noticed some unusual shapes lying around. They picked them up, brought them home, and cleaned the mud off as best they could. What was left was some strange shaped objects that Tommy Kennedy believes to be bones.
He is very excited about his find, but he hasn't been able to document the items. John Hoomes, who is a native of Escambia County, believes that, although the items are old, they aren't really valuable. Hoomes is now a Conservation education program specialist with the Alabama Nature Center.
Kennedy believes that he has found the real thing, and who knows, maybe he has. One thing is sure. He has learned a lot and has spent some happy times digging around in the mud hoping for that one thing that may prove him right in his beliefs.
I included some of the photos that I was able to get at Mr. Kennedy's. It is hard to tell how something really looks in a photo, but I thought you might be interested.

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