Consider giving to Red Cross

Published 7:40 am Monday, March 10, 2008

By Staff
In our respective 49 and 50 years, there are many things that Vivian and I never thought would pass our way as a family. We never thought that a member of our family would require blood for surgery; that we would use our CPR training to support a life in transit to a hospital or that we would stand in line for an ice delivery truck following a hurricane. In each of these instances, the American Red Cross directly supplied our family with information, provisions, care or training that allowed us to move beyond an immediate hardship or life-threatening situation.
As recently as the past few weeks we have seen reports of tornadoes damaging other small towns in Alabama. We have empathy for these small towns, as some mirror Brewton in size, industry, and population. During their crisis period, just as we experienced in Brewton after “the hurricane,” the partnership of the American Red Cross is working to bring life forward out of loss and destruction.
The American Red Cross organization has responded to our community in need and in turn, we should respond to the needs of the American Red Cross. This non-profit organization needs the financial and volunteer support of our community so that when there is a crisis, the Red Cross can respond without hesitation. This year's goal for the Heroes campaign is only $25,000. Last year's finances (in Escambia County) totaling $92,247 were spent on lodging, food, clothing and other items lost in fire. There was also assistance given to provide eyeglasses, dentures, baby food, diapers, prescriptions, funeral assistance and prepaid phone cards.
As you consider a donation to the Heroes campaign, consider the symbol of the American Red Cross

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