Forgotten Trails: Paperboy makes history

Published 7:48 am Wednesday, March 12, 2008

By Staff
A few days ago, a woman walked into the office of The Brewton Standard, and she was on a mission.
It seems that she was looking for a photograph printed in the newspaper in 1954. The photo was taken when her husband, Rufus White, was a delivery boy for The Brewton Standard.
I went to the back room and pulled the 1954 bound volume for her to see if she could find it. After going through the 1954 volume, she said that maybe she made a mistake, so we pulled the 1955 volume. She still couldn't find it, so she called her husband for help. He also came to the office and a few minutes later they found the photo.
I have never seen anyone so happy to find something in an old newspaper. We had to make a copy so that he can frame the photo.
The Whites began to tell about the photo, and I knew that it would be an interesting story to share with you.
It is quite plain that White looks on this period of his life as being very important to who he is today.
You never know what small thing will make a difference in your life.
Until next week, happy hunting!

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