Forgotten Trails: Tippins family history revisited

Published 8:38 am Wednesday, March 19, 2008

By Staff
Last week I received an e-mail from someone who wanted me to write about the Tippins family. I looked at my old columns and found that I had written about this family in 2000, but I am doing it again for the women who sent the e-mail. I want you to know that I have not personally researched this material. Most of what I have comes from Annie Crook Waters' book “The History of Escambia County, Alabama.”
According to Mrs. Waters, James Augustus Tippins I (d. 1847) was descended from an English immigrant, William Tipping, who was born about 1640. This William Tipping settled in Talbot County, Maryland. His son was Edward Tipping and Edward's son was William Tipping. This William was the father of Henry Tipping, who was the father of Philip Tippins. Philip was born about 1754 in South Carolina and removed to Warren County, Ga. He joined the Revolutionary Army on 15 August 1781. After he served his country in that capacity, Philip joined the Continental Army for the remainder of the war. He then moved to Georgia and had among his children was James Augustus Tippins.
James Augustus Tippins was born in Georgia and died 14 Nov. 1847. He married Eliza Edwards who died in 1876. Mrs. Waters stated in her book that James was teacher and a U.S. surveyor for the Oklahoma territory. Waters said James was visiting his daughter, Esther Travis on the other side of the Conecuh River when he died. A flood caused the water to be so high that James' body could not be carried home. He was buried in the old Travis Cemetery, which is located on Travis Road. His home was at Tippins Eddy on Burnt Corn Creek north of what would become Brewton. Even though Mrs. Waters said he died at the home of his daughter, Esther, there is no mention of a daughter by the name of Esther in her material.
These are the children named in the “History of Escambia County, Alabama,” written by Mrs. Waters.
Philip Henry Morgan Tippins I (Dec. 1808-1864), John Edward Tippins (12 Oct. 1811 died young), Sarah Elizabeth Tippins (29 Oct. 1816) who married Daniel R. Henderson, Caroline Mary Tippins (12 Oct. 1816) who was a twin to Sarah Elizabeth Tippins, and married Alec Kennedy, James Augustus Tippins (27 Nov.1818), Charlotte Eleanor Tippins (16 Nov. 1820, who married first John Ellis and second, John Ashton and Octavia Olivia Mandina Tippins (13 April 1828-7 Feb. 1867) who married Richard Thomas Baggett.
Philip Henry Morgan Tippins I married Eliza Ann Dees (1820) and their children were John Edward Tippins (1836) who married Jane Green, Augustus Calvin Tippins (13 March 1838) who married Bethena Castleberry, Daniel Webster Tippins (30 Dec. 1840-18 Jan. 1924) who married Francis Bethea, George Underwood Tippins II (10 April 1846) who married Sue Thompson, Esther Tippins (13 March 1848- 16 Dec. 1936) who married George W. Bell and Jane Lucretia Tippins (23 May1850-1883).
Next week I will continue with more Tippins family information. I hope that you will be kind enough to let me know if you can add anything. That is the only way I can correct it in my files and set the records straight.
Until next week, happy hunting.