Tiger tennis beats WSN

Published 10:56 am Monday, March 31, 2008

By By Adam Robinson – sports editor
The W.S. Neal tennis teams dropped to 0-5 on the boys side and 1-5 on the girls side while the T.R. Miller boys improved to 7-0 and the girls to 2-5 as the Tigers defeated the Eagles on Thursday in Brewton.
Girls singles: TRM won 18-3
Alvarado (TRM) def. Crutchfield (WSN) 9-7
Nelson (TRM) def. Andrews (WSN) 8-4
Reeves (TRM) def. Minchew (WSN) 8-5
Mullis (TRM) def. Kent (WSN) 8-3
Hetherington (TRM) def. Collier (WSN) 8-2
Williams (TRM) def. Cary (WSN) 8-6
Crutchfield/Andrews (WSN) def. Nelson/Reeves (TRM) 8-6
Williams/Gray (TRM) def. Minchew/Morris (WSN) 8-5
Oliver/Benjamin (TRM) def. Carpenter/Kent (WSN) 8-6
Boys singles: TRM won 21-0
Ludolph (TRM) def. Bailey (WSN) 8-1
Brown (TRM) def. Bauldree (WSN) 8-1
Lambert (TRM) def. Woolen (WSN) 8-2
Robinson (TRM) def. Coffey (WSN) 8-0
Moore (TRM) def. Collier (WSN) 8-0
Smith (TRM) def. Mesker (WSN) 8-4
Moore/Smith (TRM) def. Bailey/Woolen (WSN) 8-1
Wilcox/Oliver (TRM) def. Bauldree/Coffey (WSN) 8-2
Gill/Terry (TRM) def. Phillips/Allange (WSN) 8-3
The T.R. Miller boys tennis team improved to 6-0 on the season with wins over Milton, Andalusia and Opp. The girls dropped to 1-5 on the year as they dropped matches to Milton, Andalusia and Opp.
Girls singles v. Milton: Lost 9-7
Milton def. Alvarado (TRM) 6-1
Milton def. Li (TRM) 6-2
Nelson (TRM) def. Milton 7-5
Milton def. Gray (TRM) 6-4
Oliver (TRM) def. Milton 6-2
Milton def. Nelson/ Li (TRM) 6-3
Alvarado/Gray (TRM) def. Milton 6-3
Boys singles: Won 11-10
Ludolph (TRM) def. Milton 7-6
Brown (TRM) def. Milton 6-4
Milton def. Crosby (TRM) 6-3
Lambert (TRM) def. Milton 6-2
Milton def. Moore (TRM) 6-0
Robinson (TRM) def. Milton 6-0
Milton def. Lambert/Robinson (TRM) 6-3
Smith/Ludolph (TRM) def. Milton 6-3
Milton def. Gill/Oliver (TRM) 6-3
Girls singles: Lost 21-0
Andalusia def. Alvarado (TRM) 3-8
Andalusia def. Li (TRM) 3-8
Andalusia def. Nelson (TRM) 4-8
Andalusia def. Gray (TRM) 5-8
Andalusia def. Oliver (TRM) 3-8
Andalusia def. Williams (TRM) 2-8
Girls doubles:
Andalusia def. Li/Alvarado (TRM) 1-8
Andalusia def. Nelson/Gray (TRM) 6-8
Andalusia def, Oliver/Benjamin (TRM) 2-8
Boys singles: Won 12-9
Ludolph (TRM) def. Andalusia 6-2, 6-2
Andalusia def. Brown (TRM) 6-3, 6-2
Andalusia def. Crosby (TRM) 6-2, 6-3
Andalusia def. Lambert (TRM) 6-3, 6-4
Robinson (TRM) def. Andalusia 6-1, 6-1
Smith (TRM) def. Andalusia 6-3, 6-4
Boys doubles:
Ludolph/Brown (TRM) def. Andalusia 8-4
Robinson/Lambert (TRM) def. Andalusia 8-3
Andalusia def. Moore/Crosby 8-3
Girls singles: Loss 21-0
Opp def. Alvarado (TRM) 8-0
Opp def. Nelson (TRM) 8-4
Opp def. Reeves (TRM) 8-4
Opp def. Li (TRM) 8-3
Opp def. Mullis (TRM) 8-4
Opp def. Hetherington (TRM) 8-4
Girls doubles:
Opp def. Alvarado/Li (TRM) 8-6
Opp def. Reeves/Nelson (TRM) 8-0
Opp def. Gray/Oliver (TRM) 8-0
Boys singles: Won 13-3
Lambert (TRM) def. Opp 8-3
Crosby (TRM) def. Opp 8-3
Robinson (TRM) def. Opp 8-0
Smith (TRM) def. Opp 8-3
Oliver (TRM) def. Opp 8-0
Boys doubles:
Robinson/Lambert (TRM) def. Opp 8-2
Opp def. Nelson/Youngblood (TRM) 8-6

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