FitFest proves successful

Published 11:03 am Wednesday, April 2, 2008

By Staff
That's it! She's the last one! That's a wrap for another successful year! “I think the turn out was good!”
Those are a few expressions I heard coming from some of the healthcare staff as they finished the health screenings at the 14th Annual FitFest and DWM Senior Health Advantage program held recently at the Brewton Area YMCA. D. W. McMillan Memorial Hospital and Med-South Inc. personnel worked quickly and efficiently with everyone to provide health screenings for blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, lung capacity and pulse oximetry.
Kudos to the entire team for doing a great job! I feel so humble and blessed to realize that we have such technology available here in Brewton.
The primary purpose of FitFest 2008 and Senior Health Advantage program was to encourage the community to become more fully informed and pro-active about their health and lifestyle. As a result of the program, we observed that the seniors seemed more interested and showed increased knowledge about how to improve their quality of life.
We are continually impressed with the big turn-out of Escambia County elderly.
I heard several people state how surprised they were that their blood pressures were elevated. The participants were encouraged to have follow-up screenings by their doctors or healthcare providers.
The test results from the health screening will be mailed to participants soon. Just think, all of these wonderful screenings were provided as a free service of D.W. McMillan Memorial Hospital and Med-South Inc.
It was exciting to see old friends meet new ones and to chat with people from the greater Brewton area. I was also amazed to realize that people would come out to secure medical services in a “One Stop Health Care” type environment.
We would like to thank our speakers for giving dynamic insights on the following topics:
Marcia DeGraaf, Human Resource/Community Coordinator at D. W. McMillan Hospital, welcomed the group and gave highlights of the DWM Hospital Health Advantage Program and other support groups that meet at the hospital. Call Marcia at 809-8309 for more program information.
Vivian Layton, Program Director of the Brewton Area YMCA, encouraged us to move often in our daily routine. Movement, in the form of walking, swimming or chair exercises helps to burn calories, reduce fat, and develop strength. It also helps our bodies metabolize medicines more efficiently. The YMCA has a variety of classes for all fitness levels. Call Vivian at (251) 867-9622 to learn more about fitness classes.
Amelia McGrew, Regional Food Safety Extension Agent, with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, provided critical food safety information and tips to participants. For more Food Safety information contact Amelia at (251) 574-8445
Then I, Carolyn Bivins, Regional Extension Agent for Nutrition, Diet and Health, highlighted some wonderful new programs that Extension is offering to the community. They include: “Body Works”, “Body and Soul: a Celebration of Healthy Living and Eating”, and the “New Leaf” Program. If you would like to have more information on these programs call (251) 867-7760.
All of the topics were informative, timely and well received.
I would like to extend an enormous thanks to the following for providing great services and for a job well done:
Brewton Area YMCA and their staff, D. W. McMillan Memorial Hospital and their personnel, Escambia County Extension System and their staff, and Med-South Inc.
I would be remiss if I did not thank the following businesses for the wonderful support and gifts they shared with us. They include Anonymous Donors, Cannon's Carpet, Milligan's, NDI (Natural Dried Interior, Walgreen's Pharmacy and Wal-Mart.
It was rewarding to realize that FitFest 2008 and DWM Senior Advantage Programs were successful because of the collaboration of many caring and dedicated people wanting to provide a service for the community.
When people work together for a common goal, they can accomplish many wonderful programs. Thank you everyone for your continued support of our health care program for the community.