Forgotten Trails: Tippins family history revisited

Published 11:35 am Sunday, April 6, 2008

By Staff
I am continuing with the Tippins family of Escambia County this week.
Octavia Olivia Mandina Tippins (13 April 1828-7 Feb.1867), daughter of James Augustus Tippins I, married Richard Thomas Baggett. Their children were James Augustus Tippins Baggett (Dec. 1846-Sept. 1918) who married Matilda Branch, Jesse Pinckney Bagget (11 July 1848-12 Oct. 1921) who married Martha Williams, George Watkins (12 June 1850-17 Feb. 1867), Philip Henry Mulkey Baggett (8 June 1852-March 1918), Alice Addra Baggett (28 Aug/ 1854) who married Phillip Daniels, Octavia Olivia Baggett (28 Nov. 1856-Oct. 1879) who married F.L. Hancock, Elisha Edward Baggett (18 Jan. 1862) who married a McCreary, and Matilda Jane Baggett (8 Sept. 1864) who married Daniel H. Kennedy. This concludes the children of James Augustus Tippins I.
Philip Henry Morgan Tippins (Dec. 1808-1864) was the eldest child or James Augustus Tippins I. He and his wife, Elizabeth Ann Dees ( 20 Feb. 1817-8 April 1897) had children, John Edward Tippins (1836) who married Jane Green, Augustus Calvin Tippins ( 13 March 1838) who married Bethena Castleberry, Daniel Webster Tippins (30 Dec. 1840-18 Jan. 1924) who married Frances E. Bethea, Philip Henry Morgan Tippins II (abt. 1843-1898) who married Julia Castleberry, George Underwood Tippins (10 April 1846-15 March 1926) who married Sue Thompson, Esther M. Tippins (13 March 1848-16 Dec. 1936) who married George Washington Bell, Jane Lucretia Tippins (23 May 1850-11 Nov. 1901) who married Joel Webster Bell.
Augustus Calvin Tippins and Bethena Castleberry had these children, Philip Henry Morgan Tippins III (1862) who married Bessie Hails, William Abner Tippins (1864), Annie Tippins (1866), Mollie Tippins (1868), Esther Tippins (1870) and Lida Tippins (1873)
Daniel Webster Tippins is on the 1907 Confederate Census. It states that he was born 30 Dec. 1840 at Cotton Bluff in Conecuh County. He was a private who entered the service 13 May 1862 at Brewton (what would become Brewton) in Company H, 1st Florida Regiment for the period of one year. He re-enlisted as a private 13 May 1863 at Tulahona, Tenn. in his old company and served until the end of the war. He and Frances E. Bethea (1849-1932) had these children, Walter Tippins (11 June 1874-2 Nov. 1948) who married Josie Holmes, Nancy Tippins (1876) who married a Cary, Pearl Tippins (1876), Jessie Tippins (1880), Hillary Herbert Tippins (21 July 1882-7 Jan. 1953), Goodman Tippins (12 May 1884-3 May 1911) who must have been named for his ancestor, Goodman Bethea, Talmadge Tippins (5 Sept. 1885-29 Dec. 1909) who married a Noble, and Webster Tippins.
Philip Henry Morgan Tippins II married Julia Castleberry (abt 1849) and they had these children, Elizabeth Tippins (1868-1941), Job Tippins (1869), John Edward Tippins (1871), Margaret Tippins (1873) who married C.H. Moseley, Mary Tippins (1875) married R.A. Rozier, Lillie M. Tippins (1879-1966), H. Keener Tippins, Jessie Tippins who married H.L. Blackman, J. Rankin Tippins who married Hermione Bennett, and Julia D. Tippens.
George Underwood Tippins was listed on the 1907 Confederate Census, also. It listed him as being born 10 April 1846 and entered the service about 15 March 1863 at Brewton (what would become Brewton) as a private in Coneucuh Rebels Company H., 1st Florida Regiment until the end of the war. He was paroled at Vicksburg, Miss. in May 1865. He married Sue Thompson (12 May 1849-22 June 1938) and their children were, John E. Tippins (1868) who married first Fannie Cobb and second Lena Ardel Straughn, Philip Henry Morgan Tippins IV who married Hallie Glenn, Eunice Tippins, Bessie Tippins (2 Feb. 1872-5 Sept. 1913), Hermione Tippins who married Henry G. Harold, Willis Tippins, Richard Tippins (29 March 1878-30 Jan. 1924), Holcombe M. Tippins (11 April 1881-14 July 1912), and Laura Gertrude who married Robert McConnell.
Esther M. Tippins who married George Washington Bell (23 June 1847-8 Sept. 1917) had these children, Augustus Calvin Bell who married Sallie Estelle Lee, David J. Bell (27 April 1876-4 June 1925) who married Margaret Williams, Marvin Bell who married Ruby Franklin, John E. Bell, George Washington Bell Jr. who married Lillian Parker and Leila Bell who married David Findley.
I hope you've been enjoying the recounting of this family. It's very interesting to me and I hope that it is for you.
Next week, I hope to be able to continue writings on this family. If you have any information you'd like to share about this family, or any other, please let me know. You can send me an e-mail at
Until next week, happy hunting.

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