Anyone want to be a baseball player?

Published 11:57 am Monday, April 7, 2008

By By Adam Robinson – sports editor
Alex Rodriguez, third baseman for the New York Yankees baseball team, is a wealthy man. That is an obvious statement. But when it comes down to how wealthy, that is a different question.
Do you want to know how wealthy the man is? Take a look at this: The Florida Marlins opening-day and roster and disabled lists of 33 players make $21.8 million.
That $21.8 million is $6.2 million less; you read it right, it was not a typo. That is less than what Alex Rodriguez, or A-Rod as he is better known, makes.
A-Rod makes $28 million! Yes, $28 million!
His salary is the top in the majors for the eighth straight year. But the thing that I think is funny, and not just because I am a Yankee hater, is because the “poor” Marlins have won two World Series titles in the past 11 years and beat the Yankees in the 2003 World Series.
Now that is funny.
It just goes to show you that money does not make a team and does not buy World Series titles.
You want another funny note about the payroll? Johan Santana, the new pitcher for the New York Mets, makes $12 million more than five of the Marlins pitchers. How about that?
The Yankees have always been known for their money and topped the payroll list at $209.1 million followed by the Tigers at $138.7 million, the Mets at $138.3, the Red Sox at $133.4, and the White Sox at $121.2 million. The Los Angeles Angels, Cubs, Dodgers, and Mariners round out the rich list.
The Mariners have a salary of $118 million and rank ninth in the Major Leagues.
All this money just to play baseball. The average salary in baseball this year is $3 million. That is the average folks.
Anyone want to change his or her profession to become a baseball player?
I want to wish all the area teams the best of luck this week in their games and until Wednesday when we meet again, God bless.

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