Red Sox-Yankees rivalry strikes again

Published 1:27 pm Wednesday, April 16, 2008

By By Adam Robinson – sports editor
The New York Yankee and Boston Red Sox rivalry has hit another all-time high as of late.
A story last week broke of a Boston Red Sox fan who was working construction on the new Yankee Stadium being built.
According to the story last week, the Red Sox fan who lives in the Bronx wore a Red Sox jersey to work that day and buried the jersey in cement in the new stadium underneath what was going to be the visitors dugout.
Well, when I came home from church on Sunday, I was piddling on the Internet when I saw a story saying that the New York Yankees had dug up the jersey from the cement and jack-hammered it out.
How hilarious is this?
Gino Castignoli, the construction worked who accomplished this feat is a 46-year old Red Sox fan who has been following the Red Sox since 1975.
According to the story, Castignoli worked one-day on the job and says his whole mission was to bury they jersey as he said he would never step foot in Yankee Stadium.
As of Sunday, the Yankees CEO and other foremen and workers watched on Sunday as workers finished the job of unearthing the jersey.
It took about five hours of drilling Saturday to locate the shirt under two feet of concrete and sure enough, there was a Red Sox jersey in the concrete.
In shreds from the jackhammers, the shirt still bore the letters “Red Sox” on the front and was a David Ortiz jersey, No. 34. The funny thing about this is during an interview I saw on ESPN about this is Castignoli said he buried the jersey back in August of last year and the story is just now coming out.
Again, how hilarious is this?
Only something like this would happen with the Yankees and the Red Sox.
The biggest rivalry in all of baseball and one of the top rivalries in sports.
These two teams played each other over the weekend during all this and the Red Sox took the series 2-1 at Fenway Park in Boston. If this does not intensify the rivalry between these two teams even more, I don't know how much more heated it can get. The only thing I can hope for is that the Red Sox continue to beat the Yankees and maybe since David Ortiz's jersey was part of all this and it has been dug out, maybe he will start hitting for the Red Sox and myself as he is stinking up my fantasy baseball team.
This is my first time having Ortiz on my team and he is stinking it up big time now.
Last I saw, his average was .077 and he is in the worst 43-game hitting streak of his career. That includes any 43-games at anytime for him.
Come on Big Papi!
On a different note, I wish all area teams the best of luck and hope all are enjoying their spring break.
Good luck to the W.S. Neal Eagle baseball team as they compete in first round of the baseball state playoffs Friday at home against Thomasville.
Until Sunday when we meet again here or out on the ball fields, God bless.