Rabid fox found in county

Published 1:45 pm Monday, April 21, 2008

By Staff
The Alabama Department of Public Health reports that a fox in Escambia County has tested positive for rabies.
On April 13, a resident in the Flomaton area submitted a fox to the Escambia County Health Department.
The fox was transported to the Bureau of Clinical Laboratories in Mobile where it was confirmed to be positive for rabies.
Three dogs belonging to the resident were exposed to the fox. All three had been previously vaccinated against the rabies virus.
In accordance to state regulations the dogs were revaccinated and will be kept under the owners control and observation for 45 days following the exposure.
This discovery of the rabid fox in Escambia County prompts health department officials to warn area residents to have their pets immunized and to avoid handling wildlife and stray animals.
Rabies is a disease of all warm blooded mammals, including man, and is universally fatal to humans if specialized anti-rabies treatment is not obtained immediately.
Raccoons, bats, foxes and skunks are most often responsible for transmitting the virus to domesticated animals and humans through bites or battle wounds..
The public should report any known or suspected exposure to wildlife and contact the Escambia County Health Department at 368-9188 or 867-5765.
Additional reports can be made to the Escambia County Health Officer for Rabies Control. Dr. Dan Raulerson, who serves in that capacity, can be reached at 867-3606.
Escambia County Rabies Officer Dr. John Bagwell can be reached at 867-4355.
Health officials recommend washing hands thoroughly with warm water and soup after coming in contact with an unfamiliar animal. Antiseptic wash may also be used to clean hands following contact with animals.
Either doctor can answer any additional questiosn the public may have concerning rabies, symptoms of rabies or informtion concerning proper vacinations against rabies.