Good care is close to home

Published 2:21 pm Wednesday, April 23, 2008

By Staff
When we decided to have our baby at D.W. McMillan Hospital, my husband and I joked that living a block away was the best part - we could walk to the hospital if necessary when I went into labor.
Turns out that Christopher Lewis had a scheduled arrival, and we could not have been more wrong about the greatest advantage to welcoming a family member at Brewton's hospital.
From the moment we saw our baby on the ultrasound to his first pediatrician's appointment, our son has been given the greatest care. The doctors and nurses at Brewton Medical Center and D.W. McMillan have treated him like the precious gift he is - and we could not be more grateful for their kindness.
Gentle hands ushered him into the world on the hardest day of his life and showed him love and care during our entire hospital stay. They also reassured a new mom and dad that they would be able to care for a squirming little newborn with a dusting of red-blonde hair and big blue eyes.
And when the nurses told us how beautiful he is, we were sure they don't say that to all the parents - right?
Many of us in the Brewton area probably take our medical care for granted, and some have even found doctors out of town. While finding specialized care elsewhere is often necessary, I hope people don't think they can't find good healthcare right here at home. As important as it is to shop locally for goods and services, it is also important to support our local healthcare community.
This month, we celebrate Nurses' Day, and last month doctors were honored with their own day. These “holidays” may be little more than a Hallmark encouragement for some, but for a set of new parents needing reassurance and more than a little instruction, those days are a chance to honor people who have a special calling to care.
We are grateful to Dr. Melissa Heath, Dr. James Walker, Dr. Marina Thompson, their staffs and the wonderful nurses on the OB hall at D.W. McMillan for giving Christopher the best care on the most fragile days of his life.
Kerry Whipple Bean is the publisher of The Brewton Standard. She can be reached at 867-4876 or by e-mail at

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