Patrick gets first win in racing

Published 2:26 pm Wednesday, April 23, 2008

By By Adam Robinson – sports editor
Who said women can't drive and are bad drivers?
Now wait a minute. Before you begin to cast your stones, this is not a column bashing women drivers.
After Sunday, all the lingo about women drivers should be not be heard coming out of anyone's mouth anymore after 300-mile race in Motegi, Japan
Why? you might be asking.
Danica Patrick picked up her first win and became the first female to win an Indy race since joining the racing program about three years ago.
Patrick, now 26, became the first woman to lead the Indianapolis 500 back when she was 23 years old.
Who would have ever thought that they would live to see the day a woman racecar driver wins a race?
No, it is not in the NASCAR series, but still this is big.
I am not a big NASCAR fan or a racing fan for that matter, but I will have to say that this is a pretty big thing that has happened in the sport of racing.
Patrick was quoted in news articles across America saying that her win reached outside of racing and it was about finding something that she loves to do and following through with it.
Congrats Danica on this big breakthrough win. I look for many more wins to come from Danica after this monumental win for her and the sport.
Come out to the ball fields this week and support your favorite team or teams. While high school baseball has now ended in the area we still have softball, tennis and track going on. Little League is beginning to get into full swing and Babe Ruth will be starting soon.
Championship and playoff time has begun with our area high school teams.
Tennis sectionals for girls began yesterday while the boys will begin Thursday. Track sectionals will also begin this week. They will take place Friday and Saturday at McGill-Toolen High School in Mobile.
Don't forget about our junior college sports at JDCC with baseball.
The baseball team will have games Friday and Saturday at home this week and next week while softball played their last home game on Saturday.
On a different note, I want to wish all area teams the best of luck in their games this week and until Sunday when we meet again, God bless.