County, schools assess fuel costs

Published 2:39 pm Monday, April 28, 2008

By By Lydia Grimes – feature reporter
Rising gasoline prices could put a dent in more than just personal travel, according to a variety of officials in city and county departments.
With more than a few automobiles owned by area city and county government departments, gas price increases are a point of interest for everyone.
March 31 marked the halfway point in the current fiscal year and annual budgets are being tested in the cities, counties and school systems in our local area.
East Brewton City Clerk Karen Singleton thinks the city is on target with their fuel budget.
With the difference in gasoline and diesel usage, East Brewton budgets are balancing themselves, Singleton said.
The City of Brewton anticipated an increase in gasoline prices during the last budget preparation period, City Clerk John Angel said. Currently, the budget is holding at the expected range of expenditures on gasoline.
Planning for the possible fuel price increases during budget hearings for Escambia County has saved a lot of headaches in current expenditures.
Not only do the gasoline prices affect city and county vehicles, they are also a big factor for school systems.
Randall Little, transportation supervisor for Escambia County Schools, said things are looking OK for the system at this point in the fiscal year.
With the low mileage per gallon used by school busses across the county, some changes may be made in the amount of school-related travel, Little said.
Lynn Smith, Brewton city schools superintendent, said his system is experiencing the same problems.
The current fiscal year for city, county and school systems will end Sept. 30.