Letter to the Editor: Support made pancakes a success

Published 2:49 pm Monday, April 28, 2008

By Staff
Thank you doesn't begin to express our gratitude for your support, which made the Pancake Breakfast a success.
The event was to raise money to purchase a memorial to honor and remember Cpl. Chris Winchesters, USMC, who was killed in Iraq July 14, 2005. The monument will be placed at the new R.T. Johnson Park on Williamson Street in East Brewton.
Chris grew up in East Brewton on Harold and later on Williamson Street before moving to Flomaton when he was 12. Katie bob Clark (Mother of Mayor Terry Clark) was his babysitter until he started first grade. Chris loved baseball and started playing when he was six years old. He spent most of his days playing in the field where the new facility is located. It is only fitting that a memorial be placed there. I know Chris would be pleased.
There are also plans for a bronze plaque to be placed at Flomaton High School where he graduated in 2000.
A special thank you to the businesses for their donations. Without there generosity, we could not have done it.
Thanks to Brenda Faye's Buffet, Dairy Fresh, Barber's, Mark's, C&M Easy Stop and Shop, SuperFoods, Phillip May Candy Co., WalMart, Piggly Wiggly in Brewton and Century, Burger King, McDonald's, Huddle House, David's Catfish, Pic &Sav and Walgreen Drug Store.
Thanks again.
Gail Williams
I appreciate Rep. Bonner taking the time to stake out his opinion regarding the Democrats attempt to impose some fiscal responsibility on us and the government.
If we continue to make war and increase our debts at the rate of current administration we will be unable to pay even the interest on the debt in a few years. Where is the conservatism of this irresponsible behavior?
At all the business and homes I know anything about income and expenses at some point must be at least roughly equal. I hear a lot about running government like a business but I don't think running up an unlimited debt is very profitable.
If we continue to think we can finance what we can't afford we will see a much bigger “bust” than the little real estate/mortgage bust.
Mr. Bonner we must either collect more or spend less – what are you going to cut? Will we spend borrowed money on un-winnable wars until we're bankrupt? When will the Chinese/Saudis call in our debt?
I doubt either party has all the answers but the party in the White House today sure has not shown particularly “conservative” use of my tax dollars or the lives of my neighbors' sons and daughters.
Please Mr. Bonner think about how to convince us that the Republicans can be responsible and quit pandering to our greed.
Alan Caudle