Relay event celebrates survival

Published 2:38 pm Monday, April 28, 2008

By By Lisa Tindell – editor
Celebration and cancer are not two terms that are usually used in the same sentence, However, coordinators of one aspect of Relay for Life's annual event, are making the words go together nicely.
The education auditorium at D.W. McMillan Hospital was filled with cancer survivors and their caregivers as Covenant Hospice sponsored the celebration dinner.
James Cheatham was among those survivors who took the opportunity to celebrate their survival.
Cheatham has been participating in the Relay events for the last couple of years, he said.
Other than celebrating the fact that Cheatham is a survivor, his wife, Cora says they enjoy a lot of the events that go on at Relay.
Brenda Kern, co-chairwoman for this year's event, spoke about the celebrations that come along with cancer.
Although Kern said all of those celebrations are part of the fight against cancer, other celebrations are more heart-felt and sentimental.
Kern also said cancer survivors are the number one reason to celebrate at any time of the year.
Saturday's Relay for Life event began with a second celebration for survivors.
For photos and coverage of funds raised through the Relay for Life event, see the Wednesday edition of The Brewton Standard.

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