Supporting Relay for Life imperative

Published 2:47 pm Monday, April 28, 2008

By Staff
April has been a month full of observances for a variety of causes. One observance held throughout the month has been to bring awareness to child abuse and neglect problems faced across the United States.
In recent pages of The Brewton Standard, you have seen stories about how abuse can touch lives of so many. From the victim, the offender, the non-offending caregiver, the Department of Human Resources, the Escambia County Regional Child Advocacy Center and so many other agencies.
With the growing problem of child abuse and neglect, come other problems as well. Funding for treating and keeping the children safe comes at a premium. Also, funding is necessary to keep lines of communication open for caregivers, parents and a number of agencies involved in the entire process.
In hearing directors, staff members and social workers speak about what they see and hear each day from victims and their families, it would seem as if coming to the aid of an abused child would be a difficult task, at best.
Helpless children are victimized physically and sexually each day by people they love and trust. That fact is the reason some of the caring people who serve our community have such a difficult job to do every day.
We applaud the efforts and the strength of the countless people who work to keep the children of our community safe and work to prevent further abuses in homes across the county.
We encourage the community to take an active part in helping paid workers in the fight to protect abused or neglected children.
Stephanie Jackson with the Escambia County Regional Child Advocacy Center made a comment about her desire to do the job last week. She said she worked in the area of interviewing victims because she believes it's her duty to help abused children feel safe.
We agree. It is the job of some people to do the reporting, the examinations, investigations and interviews when a report of child abuse or neglect is made. It is everyone's duty to be watchful, helpful and supportive.
Children are our future, and it's everyone's job to make sure they have one.