Earth Day activities beneficial

Published 3:11 pm Wednesday, April 30, 2008

By Staff
Officials in Brewton and East Brewton are looking to help clean up the environment and the cities by making special concessions during the event planned for Saturday.
During the day-long observation, residents in the area will be offered a chance to clean up their property and dispose of unwanted materials in ways not normally seen in either city.
We applaud the cities of Brewton and East Brewton for making arrangments that will allow citizens in the communities to clean up during Earth Day.
Dr. Dan Raulerson recently spoke about how important keeping our environment clean is to our health.
Cleanliness is essential for good health in any community, Raulerson said.
The Earth Day activities and offerings planned in our communities offers us a chance to clean up around our homes and businesses, but it also gives us an opportunity to look beyond a clean yard and expect a better life.
Through the efforts of city, county and individual coordination, cleaning up is being made easier for everyone in our area.
We hope residents will take the opportunity to dispose of wastes around their homes and businesses by taking an active part in Earth Day activities.
Not only will the cleanliness of our cities make us more attractive to those who pass through, but it will certainly help our residents to be more healthy. Pride will most certainly be a by-product of that clean up effort.
We urge everyone to be better, more clean citizens on Earth Day and beyond.