Another sports jersey saga is told

Published 3:34 pm Sunday, May 4, 2008

By Staff
What is the deal with sports jerseys as of late? Just a couple of weeks ago, a story broke of a Boston Red Sox David Ortiz jersey that was buried in the new New York Yankee Stadium being constructed. The next week, or a couple of days I should say, the Yankees organization was locating, digging, jack hammering, and every kind of measure to get the Red Sox jersey out of the concrete in the stadium.
Just this past week, the jersey was auctioned off for over $175,000 dollars and given to a charity organization.
Well, just this past week, another jersey story broke.
I know soccer is not that big in this area, but all would probably recognize the name David Beckham of the Los Angeles Galaxy soccer team.
After an exhibition game between Beckham's Galaxy and a Japanese team in Honolulu at Aloha Stadium, the jersey saga began.
After the game, Beckham took off his jersey (I don't know what it is with soccer players and taking off their jerseys. Remember the female player for the USA team that ripped her jersey off after scoring the game-winning goal a couple of years ago?) and walked towards the crowd and gave his jersey to a boy while another boy grabbed the jersey before he did and that is where the fun began.
As the story is told, the two boys were close friends and teammates on a youth soccer team.
According to one parent, the boy who did not grab the jersey first had a sign the whole game for Beckham and that is why the jersey was given in his direction and was even pointed to by Beckham before the jersey was given.
Well, the two boys began fighting over the jersey and both families have got attorneys over the issue.
It is still to be determined whom the rightful owner is or if legal action has been sought.
WOW! All this over a jersey

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