Girl carried around bases by opponent

Published 4:00 pm Wednesday, May 7, 2008

By By Adam Robinson – sports Editor
Consider the following scenario: Your playing for a state playoff berth and an opposing player has just hit a homerun against you to put their team up by a score of 4-2.
As the opposing player rounds first base, she misses first and in her attempt to run back and touch the base, she injures her knee and can only crawl.
She can't be touched by her teammates as it would result in an out and if someone pinch runs for her, her homerun would only count as a single.
You don't know it at the time, but it's the girl's first homerun in any level of softball for her.
What do you do?
This is a story that a co-worker of mine told me about on Thursday and as I googled it and read about it, it was such an awe-inspiring story and it's a true story.
Sara Tucholsky is a softball player from Western Oregon University and this is what happened to her.
After collapsing with a knee injury after her homerun against Central Washington University, Central Washington's first baseman Mallory Holtman who ironically is the conferences all-time homerun leader and shortstop Liz Wallace both picked up Tucholsky and carried her around the bases letting her touch the bases with her good leg to earn the homerun.
Her home run sent Western Oregon to a 4-2 victory, ending Central Washington's chances of winning the conference and advancing to the playoffs. Later on, Tucholsky's injury was determined to be an ACL injury that will put her out for the season.
Is this not a great story?
This just goes to show you that sportsmanship sometimes goes a lot farther and is more important than winning a game!
If only everyone in the world of sports and fans can hear about this story, think of how different our world and the sports world may be.
On a different note, I want to wish all area teams the best of luck in their games this week and until Sunday when we meet again here or out on the ball fields, have a great week and God bless.