Taking a look at 2007-2008 sports records

Published 4:17 pm Sunday, May 11, 2008

By Staff
With the T.R. Miller Lady Tigers 1-0 and 4-0 loss to Alabama Christian Academy in softball on Tuesday in Montgomery, high school sports in the area for the 2007-2008 school year has now come to an end.
The only thing left going on right now school-wise is that the W.S. Neal Eagle football team has ended their first week of spring training and will conclude their 10-day spring training period on Friday with a scrimmage game. Both schools will have their sports banquets this coming week.
As each sport has ended for their particular sports season, I have written down a list of their records for that season.
Looking at the seasonal records that I have for each sport, sports for the 2007-2008 season was not that great according to the records.
No offense to the players and coaches on the teams, the season held its great games and all, but according to the records for each sport and the total number of wins and losses, sports for the Brewton and East Brewton area was down this season.
Starting with the best sports for each school, girls basketball led for the T.R. Miller side of things as the Lady Tigers posted a 21-5 record and made it to the AHSAA class 4A final four.
Overall for the Tigers, all sports (volleyball, football, boys and girls basketball, B-team basketball, baseball, softball and boys and girls tennis) totaled a 96-73 record. That is 23 more wins than losses.
For the W.S. Neal Eagle side of things, volleyball took the best record with an 11-6 record.
Overall for the Eagles, (including all sports listed above) all sports totaled a 56-99 record. That is 43 more losses than wins.
Here is a breakdown:
Volleyball: TRM 16-8, WSN 11-6, Football: TRM 5-6, WSN 6-5, Boys basketball: TRM 12-10, WSN 4-20, Girls basketball: TRM 21-5, WSN 7-17, B-team basketball: TRM 7-7, WSN 7-13, Baseball: TRM 9-13, WSN 15-12, Softball: TRM 13-17, WSN 4-14, Girls tennis: TRM 4-7, WSN 2-6, and Boys tennis: TRM 9-0, WSN 0-6.
On the JUCO side of sports, JDCC Volleyball was 6-28; JDCC basketball went 8-21 this season as baseball went 22-28. JDCC Lady Warhawk softball went 19-35 for a seasonal record of 55-112 at JDCC.
All together for T.R. Miller, W.S. Neal and JDCC, that is a 207-284 record. That is 77 more losses than wins for all sports teams in the Brewton area.
On a different note, I want to wish all the area youth sports teams the best of luck in their games this week and until Wednesday when we meet again here or out in the sports world, God bless.