Brewton Mill 50th anniversary

Published 4:52 pm Monday, May 19, 2008

By By Lisa Tindell – news editor
For 50 years, Brewton area residents have enjoyed benefits from the local papermaking facility.
Georgia Pacific held a special 50th anniversary celebration Thursday in recognition of the Brewton mill's service in the area. The industrial facility was purchased last year by GP and saw a name change from Jefferson Smurfit. The company has also seen a few other name changes over the 50 years since opening.
Donald Ausburn worked at the local mill for 40 years and four months and was at the facility through many changes.
Ausburn worked on the paper machine during his time at the mill and left as the person in charge of the machine.
The people are what have made the mill a benefit to the community, Brewton Mayor Ted Jennings said.
The community and its people have been impacted greatly by the mill, Jennings said.
Since June 24, 1959, less than two years after the beginning of then-Container Corporation, Glen Freeman has been a part of the company and has seen changes in management, operations and people.
Jamie Burnham had similar impressions of the changes seen over the 42 years he has been employed at the facility.
Doing the right thing is always the focus of those who run the show with GP.
Family, and community, is important to everyone at the Brewton facility. Jeff Joyce, vice president of operations, said he is excited to be a part of the family at the Brewton mill.