How far is too far to travel for a spring game?

Published 5:48 pm Monday, May 26, 2008

By By Adam Robinson – Sports Editor
With the close of spring training in football last week with W.S. Neal concluding their practice last Friday and T.R. Miller in February, I got an e-mail from a fellow sportswriter in the area about spring games.
I know that usually in the spring, both our area teams chose not to play a team but rather choose to scrimmage against their own selves-T.R. Miller's Red and White game and W.S. Neal's Blue and White game last Friday.
If they do choose to scrimmage against someone, it is the week before the season starts. This season W.S. Neal is scrimmaging against Escambia County on the Thursday night before they begin their season the next Thursday at home against Monroe County.
Most schools concluded their spring practice schedule this past week or the week prior.
After looking at the Monroe Journal this week in the office I saw that Excel High School in Excel held a three-school jamboree in Excel on Friday with Frisco City and J.U. Blacksher.
Monroe Academy in Monroeville ended their spring drills with a controlled scrimmage against Cottage Hill Christian School of Mobile last Friday.
If I am correct in my assuming, I think that Cottage Hill is the same Cottage Hill that will be in the class 3A region with T.R. Miller.
You would think that if they are moving up to the AHSAA from AISA they would play a team from the AHSAA, but that is a different column.
Anyways, back to the column topic.
The question arose when Hillcrest of Evergreen, yes the Hillcrest of Evergreen that is 30-45 minutes up the road from here and the Hillcrest of Evergreen that is in the same region with W.S. Neal traveled all the way to Handley High School in Roanoke for a scrimmage game last Friday night.
Yes again, the same Handley High School that T.R. Miller had to travel and face in the first round of the class 4A state football playoffs in football this past season.
That is a long way for a scrimmage game.
Oh yeah, just FYI

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