Letter to the Editor: Writers endorse Williamson for office

Published 5:44 pm Monday, May 26, 2008

By Staff
I would like to write you in regards to the upcoming election on June 3rd. I would like to express my support for Todd Williamson who is running for re-election for County Commissioner District 2.
I would like to encourage my neighbors and friends to go and vote for Mr. Williamson. I can not think of a more suitable person for the job. When I think of a leader I want someone who is involved in my community. Someone who is out in the public doing things, not just their job duties but someone who is always involved. Anyone who knows Todd Williamson can attest to his involvement in the community. He has helped with countless projects and athletic programs in the Neal Schools long before he started teaching at W.S. Neal High School this school year.
When Hurricane Ivan devastated our area Todd was out for days cutting debris to get people out of their homes and volunteering his time to help the National Guard at the high school. His job does not pose a conflict with his commitment to the citizens of Escambia County. If another Hurricane was to hit our area which candidate would be available to meet the needs of our community?
I can attest from personal experience the lives that he has made an impact on. During Football and Baseball season you will see him and his family working in a concession stand or grilling a hamburger. Driving a van to a out of town football game so that others can go and see their team play ball. Helping a cattle farmer find his cows and fix the fence where the cows got out. Being a mentor to countless youth in this area and giving them the opportunity they might not otherwise have to raise a steer to show in the county steer show's. Todd Williamson wears many hats in our community and is involved in several organizations but isn't that the kind of person that you want? Someone that you can walk up to and talk to, someone that when you shake their hand has calluses from hard work and knows the needs of their community. He has worked hard for the citizens of this county and has been diligent to improve the road conditions of our county. He is one person in the commission and can not just snap his fingers to get a road paved, but he will come out and assess the situation and see what he can do to improve it.
Whether he wins the election or not, Todd's commitment to his community will not change, he will not go home and do nothing. He will continue to be active in our community. I want someone who will be here for the long haul, one that is involved because they believe it is a worthy cause, not just for a couple of votes. When you go to the poles on June 3rd, Ask yourself, Do I want someone who is active in my community, someone who will put the communities needs first, and knows what needs to be done and will work on a plan to see it get done, let him finish the projects that have been started and continue his role in leading our county with more efficiency and experience. If so then the choice is simple

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