Letter to the Editor: Youth Alive support appreciated

Published 6:15 pm Sunday, June 1, 2008

By Staff
I grew up in this town and it has always been a wonderful place to live.
I remember feeling pride that we were considered “One of the 100 best small towns in America.”
Now as I've grown older I see changes.  They are happening very slowly but the fact remains that our “Best” rank is in jeopardy!  I am writing this letter to get the word out that if we don't do something soon, this won't be our beloved small town anymore.  The crime rate is up, and once beautiful places are being trashed and vandalized. For example: When I was younger, my mother took me to this beautiful little creek. It had a bandstand and swingsets, a nicely paved road leading to it, and lush greenery.  Last week I stepped back into this small town oasis and I was devestated by what I saw… The peices of glass and broken beer bottles surrounding the creek bank and even in the water.  The rotting bandstand hidden behind three feet of grass.  The paved road full of pot holes and deep mud pits in the dirt path. The litter surrouding the place was ghastly! The dirty diapers, the mildewing articles of clothing strewn about, the cans, glass bottles, and old car parts.  This wasn't the place I loved when I was a child! 
This was a nasty place…a place I wouldn't dream of letting my children play in or around, much less swim in the water that smells horrible from all the junk left in it. It has gotten to the point where if we don't do something I predict that it is on the verge of being condemned. Just one  more place in Brewton not fit for human life.
The wildlife there is amazing, we are not only hurting ourselves by giving up such a beautiful place. We are hurting our wildlife. I plan to be at the next East Brewton councle meeting and I plan to do something! I want us to rebuild Fort Crawford! Let's give our children something that they can be proud of. Let's give back to our community. Let's stay one of the best small towns in America. I will be organizing a petition for the Rebuilding of Fort Crawford Park.  If you would like to sign it please contact me at the number listed below. There will also be bake sales and community entertainment to help raise money to keep our town beautiful.
Tara Baggett

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