BMS plans summer reading program

Published 6:26 pm Monday, June 2, 2008

By Staff
Reading is a key to success and Alabama has set goals to increase student-reading levels. Because of that, Brewton Middle School encourages reading not only during the school year but throughout the summer months.
In 2006-07 Brewton Middle School became one of the first of 14 middle schools to be part of the Alabama Reading Initiative-Project for Adolescent Literacy, which seeks to increase the literacy of its students.
A literacy goal of 1000 to 1200 Lexiles has been set for Brewton Middle School prior to entering high school. Lexile is a term that indicates a 75 percent readability range, which takes into account fluency, vocabulary and comprehension skills. Research indicates a 75 percent range has a level of difficulty that is just enough to raise reading levels without frustration. Research further suggests that the way to become a better reader and to increase one's Lexile Range is to read material that is on one's Lexile Level.
Parents are encouraged to have their children read during their summer vacation. Students will be rewarded for their summer reading efforts when they reach their goals and bring all completed forms to school in August.
Documents describing the specifics of the Brewton Middle School Reading Program and necessary forms can be found at Under schools, highlighted in gray, parents may click on “visit website for Brewton Middle School.” On the left side of web page under “News and Events” click on “forms” and scroll down to the following files: Suggested Summer Reading- All Grades; Summer Reading Form; Summer Reading Assignment Menu; fifth grade Reading List; sixth grade Reading List; seventh grade Reading List; or eighth grade Reading List.
Additional information can be obtained by calling Brewton Middle School.

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