Haveard trial set

Published 6:21 pm Monday, June 2, 2008

By By Lisa Tindell – news editor
Mike Haveard will have his day in court July 28 as a trial gets underway on drug distribution charges.
A pre-trial hearing was held Thursday before Circuit Judge Bert Rice in which the date for the trial was set.
Danny White, Haveard's attorney, said the July date could be changed under certain circumstances.
Escambia County District Attorney Steve Billy, who is prosecuting the cases against Haveard, said the July trial will involve only the drug distribution charges against the defendant.
Jerome Carter, a member of the Cochran Law Firm in Mobile, has also been secured as attorney for Haveard, Billy said.
Haveard was arrested March 3 and charged on eight indictments handed down by an Escambia County grand jury following a special session.
In four indictments by the grand jury, Haveard is accused of unlawfully selling, furnishing, giving away, manufacturing, delivering or distributing a controlled substance (OxyContin), to a confidential informant.
Those charges will be addressed during the July trial.
Haveard was also charged in early April on additional drug charges including possession of a controlled substance and bringing stolen property across state lines.
In the grand jury indictments, Haveard was also charged with four charges of criminal solicitation to commit theft of property, first degree, involve alleged activity by Haveard showing an intent that another person engage in conduct constituting the crime of theft of property first degree by deception.
In the grand jury's indictment, Haveard is believed to have solicited, requested or commanded another person to exert unauthorized control over a variety of property including lumber, tools and other miscellaneous building supplies. The property has a combined value in excess of $2,500 by opening a checking account with a single initial deposit of $50 and negotiating checks in amounts totaling more than $2,500 for the purchase of the items and done in furtherance of a common scheme or plan, the indictment stated.
Members of the 21st Judicial Task Force Unit, Escambia County Sheriffs Department and Brewton Police made Haveard's arrest.
An initial $8 mllion cash bond was set on the charges presented by the grand jury in March. Circuit Judge Bert Rice heard evidence from Haveard's attorney as well as district attorney officers in a bond reduction hearing. After considering the evidence, Rice reduced the cash bond to an $875,000 property bond.
Haveard was arrested on additional drug charges just hours before making bond on the initial charges. Following the second arrest, an additional $175,000 property bond was envoked by District Judge David Jordan..
Both of Haverd's bonds were paid by a group of friends and relatives who committed their property for his release.
Just two weeks after being released on bond, Haveard was returned to the Escambia County Detention Center for violations of the bond. after officials with the District Attorneys office presented evidence to support the allegations of the violations including curfew violations and area restrictions set forth in the bond.
After considering evidence, District Judge Brad Byrne revoked Haveard's bond calling for his return to the Escambia County Detention Center.
Haveard remains in the Escambia County Detention Center on no bond.