Tuesday vote is civic duty

Published 6:34 pm Monday, June 2, 2008

By Staff
Voters across the state and in individual counties will be headed to the polls Tuesday to determine who will serve us over the next few years.
Some races will be decided by Tuesday's vote, while other races will only have the field narrowed to fewer choices to be decided in November.
No matter what your preference in the upcoming races it is our duty as citizens to make our vote count.
In recent years, some elections have seen light turnouts at the polls. In some cases, as few as 20 percent of registered voters have found their way to the polls on election day.
We hope that every registered voter who has even a small opportunity to vote will make it to the polls to cast their ballot this Tuesday.
Those we elect to any office have an obligation to serve the people who put them in their position.
It is our duty as voters to make informed decisions and make our voice be heard by casting a ballot in any election.
The primary election set for Tuesday will determine who will represent our district on the Escambia County School Board. The person who walks away with the most votes will be sitting at the table each month to determine the future of our children, teachers and administrators. We hope you will consider that as you cast your ballot.
In the county commission race, two men are hopeing to win the democratic nomination for the seat. One of those men will meet an independent opponent in the November general election.
We hope everyone exercises their right, and civic duty, by casting their vote Tuesday.

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