Local minister pens book

Published 6:44 pm Wednesday, June 4, 2008

By By Lydia Grimes – features reporter
Father's Day has been a special day for Randy Winton for several years, but this year will be a little bit more special. His book “In My Shoes” will be released in August, but he will have some copies ready just in time for Father's Day.
Winton is the director of youth ministries at First Baptist Church of Brewton and he deals with youngsters on a every-day basis, but none more than his own four sons.
Winton spent 17 years covering high school and college sports for the Chattanooga Free Press. The last 12 years have been spent in answering God's call to minister to youth, to help them realize their potential to serve God.
Winton also has four little boys at home, Joshua and Caleb, who are twins, and Noah and Jonah. He also realizes that the home is the first place that children learn what will be life's lessons.
After collecting his stories for seven years, Winton was led to believe they could be useful for other parents and children.
Winton wanted to base his stories around some story in the Bible and each one sends a message.
Tate Publishing, a Christian publishing company, decided to publish Winton's book. He was told there was a need for books to encourage and strengthen fathers.
The book contains stories that any parent has experienced with their own children, Winton said. One story Winton shares in the book concerns an “eye-to-eye” talk with one of his sons.
The story is comical, but, Winton says, it carries a message.
In the story, Winton told his son he was very disappointed with him about something and that he must not be a good father for the boy to act the way he did.
Winton told his son to think about what had been said and that he would come back later. Several minutes later he returned and asked his son if he had been thinking about what they talked about.
By this time Winton said he lost it. Both father and son hugged each other and laughed.
Ken Sparks, Carson-Newman College head football coach liked the book very much and wrote “the Lord has used all of his (Winton) experiences to make this book touch the soul and encourage men to make a difference in the lives of the next generation.”
Michael Rowell, one of Winton's friends, said the book is an emotional read.
The book will be released Aug. 26, and at that time can be bought on-line and at many bookstores. Winton has access to pre-release copies that sell for $12.99 and can be bought directly from the author at randy.inmyshoes@hotmail.com.

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