Brewton can be very busy

Published 7:13 pm Sunday, June 8, 2008

By Staff
Who ever said little towns like Brewton don't have anything going on didn't hang around during May, June and July.
The month of May kept everyone busy with preparing for the end of the school year, graduation and making summer daycare arrangements.
May also found political candidates moving around neighborhoods campaigning heavily during the final weeks of the month leading up to the June 3 primary.
In June, we've already had the primary election that kept officials throughout the county busy well into the evening hours this past Tuesday.
Also in June, you could find at least a dozen or so vacation Bible schools from which to choose for your children.
The Blueberry Festival is held each June and certainly has a multitude of officials, volunteers, vendors, civic organization members and so many other folks so busy they are looking for an off day.
Immediately after the Blueberry Festival on June 21, workers and volunteers will be getting East Brewton spruced up for the annual July 4th celebration at Ft. Crawford Park.
Bands, singers, speakers and bingo callers are gearing up for their special day at the park to celebrate our nation's independence.
July will also hold another dozen or so vacation Bible school opportunities for those who missed their chance in June.
Before you know it, August will be upon us and it will be time to undertake the busy task of getting children ready for another year of school.
I'm not trying to rush things at all. I could certainly use a little vacation time. But, as you can see, that probably won't happen anytime soon.
I love the busy summer months, but being so busy causes the time to pass a little too quickly for me.
I am thankful to live in a community that has just the right amount of activities going on around town. There is just enough to keep you busy, but not so much that you can't find time to sit down and relax.
If you can't find enough to keep busy, check out what's going on around town. You'd be surprised what's right here in your own back yard to keep you occupied in your free time.
Lisa Tindell is news edior for The Brewton Standard. She can be reached by email at

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