Local park needs help of volunteers

Published 7:53 pm Wednesday, June 11, 2008

By Staff
Three hundred people signed a petition in East Brewton to say they want Fort Crawford Park cleaned up.
Now those folks need to step up and do more than sign their names.
The town of East Brewton doesn't have a lot of money and manpower to do the job, so volunteers are needed to join Tara Baggett in her effort to clean up the historic park on the banks of Murder Creek.
Baggett said she remembers playing in the park as a girl - back when it was clean and she was able to splash in the creek. We're willing to bet a lot of people remember playing in a park free of garbage and trash.
But Fort Crawford could be more than just a clean park. The site of picnics, family reunions and the famous Fourth of July celebration could be a true showplace for East Brewton. Baggett even hopes to have a picnic pavilion erected at the park.
But none of this can happen without volunteer help. East Brewton has pledged its assistance to maintain improvements, but residents need to step up to get the ball rolling.
Remember to fly the flag this Saturday
Six and a half years ago, you could barely find an American flag to fly. What happened on Sept. 11 and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq that followed stirred patriotism the likes our country had not seen in decades.
But since that day and the months that followed, have we regressed a bit in our reverence for the flag? We are lucky in Brewton that the Lions Club faithfully flies the flag at sponsoring businesses throughout the community, and we have many residents who do fly the flag on holidays like Flag Day or even every day.
But imagine what our community would look like this Saturday if every resident and business flew the flag - it would be beautiful to see us filled with the red, white and blue.