Attention needed for all elections

Published 9:19 pm Monday, June 23, 2008

By Staff
With much of our attention focused on the presidential election this year, we might need a reminder that we have important local elections this year, as well.
The first round of county voting occurred earlier this month, and campaigning for city elections will begin soon.
Qualifying to run for municipal offices in Brewton and East Brewton is from July 1-15, and elections will be held Aug. 26.
Serving in public office is a sacrifice - it's one of those jobs that doesn't ever let you leave work at the office, since many times people call you at home or stop you at the grocery store or ask you at church why something hasn't been done.
But the folks serving as city and county leaders would probably tell you that the job is a privilege and worth the effort it takes. They are all dedicated individuals who care about the communities they serve.
We encourage anyone who is interested in the job and concerned about the community to consider running for municipal offices, and we encourage those who don't run to pay close attention to the candidates this year.
We have so much opportunity in our communities as we look at the economic expansion about to happen for our neighbors in Mobile and Baldwin counties. We also have new retail coming to Brewton and new opportunities for growth here at home.
We need individuals committed to making our communities better, and we need residents who will take the time to learn about the candidates and vote for them.
We hope everyone will take time to register to vote, if you haven't already done so, and to come to the polls Aug. 26 to cast a ballot for municipal elections.

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