Cotton growth sees decrease

Published 10:32 pm Wednesday, July 2, 2008

By By Adrienne McKenzie
The result of several Alabama farmers cutting back on growing cotton could lead to hardship on the state's cotton gins and warehouses.
The decrease is because farmers have the ability to make greater profit off other crops, Bailey said.
Bailey said that cotton is expensive to farm and involves more intense management than grain also.
Bailey said the downward trend of cotton production will not last forever.
Cotton is a must-have for some of our most necessary and favorite items, according to the National Cotton Council. A 480 pound net weight bale can produce 8,000 men's woven handkerchiefs per bale, 400 men's pajamas per bale, 850 ladies blouses and shirts per bale, 22,000 ladies handkerchiefs per bale or 3,000 diapers per bale.
Some more useful products cotton is responsible for include men's knee socks, men's shirts, men's sweatshirts, trousers, sheets, etc.
Even though cotton produces so many items, Bailey said farmers certainly do not get rich off the profit.
The Currie Gin has been a fixture of McCullough since 1955. Bailey said although cotton production is decreasing, he plans to keep the gin in operation.

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