Bulk shopping can help grocery bill, managers say

Published 11:56 pm Monday, July 14, 2008

By By Lydia Grimes – features reporter
Gas prices, floods in the Midwest, fears of salmonella - all of those factors are helping to drive up the cost of groceries.
And while local grocery store managers have noticed a change in shopping habits among customers, they have some advice about how to find the best deals.
Michael Scott, manager of Magnolia Super Foods, agreed that grocery items have become more expensive.
But Steve Chunn, manager at Winn-Dixie, said he hasn't seen too many price changes in the past six weeks.
But Chunn said he has noticed customers changing their shopping habits.
While grocery prices are going up, shoppers may be staying in Brewton more - which helps the local economy.
“We have noticed that it seems as if more people are staying in town and not making so many trips out of town,” Booker said. “Of course, that helps us. They do seem to be buying more basic items and less of the less necessary things.”
Brewton City Clerk John Angel said sales tax statistics seem to support Booker's theory about shoppers staying home. Sales tax figures for the past few months are inching upward, he said.
So how can you help cut your grocery bill? Store managers have some advice.
Stocking up also helps customers take fewer trips to the grocery store, saving on gas, said Margaret Brown, manager at Pic N Sav.
Booker also recommends trying the store brands rather than more expensive name-brand items.
Chunn encouraged shoppers to look at grocery store circulars, which are published in Wednesday's edition of The Brewton Standard.

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