Citizens address issues for municipalities

Published 12:54 am Monday, July 21, 2008

By By Lydia Grimes – features reporter
Brewton and East Brewton citizens will have an opportunity to voice their opinions at the polls in upcoming municipal elections.
Some voters have already to begun to voice concerns they hope those running for office will consider.
Although the pocketbook may be a hard-hit thing for residents in either city, Summerlin believes other concerns are just as important.
Lea Harrod, another East Brewton resident, said she would like to see something done for the young people.
Along with Summerlin, Harrod also things cleaning up the city should be a top priority for anyone in office,
June Joyner lives in East Brewton and she has a different outlook on what the city needs.
Concerns of Breton residents are just as plentiful and diverse.
Mary Hale of Brewton is concerned about animals that are being abused.
Joe Gordy of Brewton echoed the sentiment of those East Brewton residents who are hoping for a cleaner city. With a large field of candidates, he believes there may be something new on the horizon.
James McCarn of Brewton said he had some concerns about the way the city didn't follow though on some things after Hurricane Ivan.
Cory Chavers of Brewton said his main concerns are about drugs and their effect on the community.
Annie Stallworth, also of Brewton, had some different ideas.
Stallworth also said she had some problems on her property that could be corrected by actions of the city.
One man, who preferred not to be identified, said all candidates should do a lot of praying and Bible reading and let God lead them.
Voters in each city will go to the polls Aug. 26 to determine who will be members of the council. East Brewton residents will decided who will be mayor for the upcoming term.

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