Writer: Help keep Drug Task Force

Published 1:02 am Monday, July 21, 2008

By Staff
Escambia County is going to be in sad shape if they can't keep the Drug Task Force going. You will probably be able to buy drugs any time day or night.
These people go after the “big boys.” Sheriff Grover Smith has done a great job helping the task force lock these people up. Flomaton's police chief, Mike Lambert, and his force have turned out a few lights and made a few believers.
Monte McGougin, chief of Brewton, has changed the outlook for the drug dealers in Brewton with the help of his officers. It is nice to be able to walk down the street, day or night and not have to worry.
Now, congress says no money to fight drugs. So it will be time for the pusher to hit the street again. I bet the money would be there if some congressman's child or grandchild got messed up on drugs. Then it will be too late. Now is the time to do what has to be done. Start making noise and be heard. Help them help you.
Task Force Commander Keith Hutchins and his people are dedicated people on call 24-7. Something has to give or go to hell in a hand basket. As the old saying goes, hindsight is always 20-20. The money is there, help them find it before it is too late.
We all need to call Jo Bonner's office in Mobile and make them listen to your concern over this, before we call FEMA. Call Jo Bonner at 251-690-2811 in his Mobile office.
Jim Raap