Coaches thankful for support

Published 1:49 am Monday, July 28, 2008

By Staff
We want to thank the support that our parents, fans, and community gave us during this All-Star season while at Monroeville and Demopolis. Thanks to the city of Brewton for their financial support to have made this possible for a great experience.
We have been fortunate again to have the opportunity to have coached and been apart of such a fine group of young men, for their hard work and dedication to better themselves over these four and a half weeks of All-Star preparation and play. We again became family and relationships that have and are being built will continue. With preparation we knew going in would be our key to success. We saw improvement in our team from game to game during the tournament.
Our pitching was phenomenal. In all four games we walked only eight batters and hit four. They just were able to out hit us. They had 36 hits to our 21. We made some fortunate defensive plays. Our problem was, offensively, we left too many runners on base. We left six against Sylacauga, 11 against Tallassee, and seven against Satsuma. We feel like we grew up a lot in this tournament and realized again that conditioning, fundamental preparation and focused play will better our performance. These players have made us and will continue to make us proud for their character, attitude, hard work, and performance both on and off the field.
14-year-old coaches,
Randy Denton
Charlie Graves
Mike Johnson