Officials strive for ‘zerometh'

Published 2:57 am Wednesday, August 6, 2008

By By Lisa Tindell – news editor
Escambia County District Attorney Steve Billy is taking a stand to stamp out the use of methamphetamine in this county. Evidence of that stand has been displayed throughout the county in a variety of ways.
Ronald Moye, owner and operator of Flomaton Speedway, was on hand Tuesday morning to reveal the decals for the ZeroMeth campaign on the official pace care for the facility.
Billy said the past six to eight months have been busy for district attorneys across the state that are working to bring attention to the growing statewide problem.
Brewton Police chief Monte McGougin said his department plans to work closely with Billy's office to help eliminate this growing problem.
Billy said the need to fight the manufacture and use of meth is growing every day.
Anyone interested in finding out more about the meth problems in Alabama and the efforts being made to stop the epidemic can visit the website for additional information, Billy said.
The Web site can accessed at

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