Misunderstood tubar offers excellent nutritional value

Published 3:48 am Wednesday, August 13, 2008

By Staff
If you were to design the world's most perfect food, what would you put in it?
In addition to great taste, you'd be sure it contained a powerhouse of nutrients. Of course, you'd also make it a good source of dietary fiber. And, since the sky's the limit here, why not make it fat-and cholesterol-free, low sodium, and easy to prepare.
Sounds like too much to ask from a single food? Mother Nature didn't think so. She's already provided us with this perfection in the form of a very unassuming vegetable: the sweet potato.
With all these facts it's easy to see why sweet potatoes, once reserved just for the holidays, should be considered year-round as an important addition to a healthy diet.
If you're familiar with them only as a fat-loaded, overly sweet Thanksgiving side dish, you'll be amazed at how much more Sweet Potatoes can be.
A great staple to keep on hand in the kitchen, they can be baked, micro-waved, steamed, boiled, saut