Kudos to students on exam

Published 4:32 am Monday, August 18, 2008

By Staff
Students at W.S. Neal High School and T.R. Miller High School have made their schools, and communities, proud.
This week, the Alabama Department of Education released results for ACT exams taken this year. Those results show an increased average score for the students in our area.
Students at W.S. Neal High School brought that school's average score up by nearly 3.5 points. On a test that has 36 as the highest score, that is a big feat.
Students at T.R. Miller High School brought their school's average score up to 21.8, nearly a full point above average scores from last year.
Both of these schools can now boast their average scores are higher than the state average. And they can further boast that their scores are higher than the national average.
A large group of people should be commended for this improvment.
Not only have the students shown some initiative to study and work hard for those scores, the teachers have worked hard as well.
The increased scores speak well of our teachers and administrators for making sure the students at their schools are in class to learn.
Teaching is a gift, and we are glad the teachers in our area are putting their gifts to work for the benefit of our children, our community, our nationa and our future.
Congratulations to our high-achieving students.