E. Brewton residents fed up with theft

Published 4:48 am Wednesday, August 20, 2008

By By Lisa Tindell – news editor
Some residents in East Brewton believe they are being threatened in their homes every day, and they are looking for ways to stop the threat.
McClelland was joined by 10 other residents of Williamson and Simmons Streets in East Brewton, in what they called a “meeting in the street” Friday evening. The purpose of the meeting was to bring attention to recent theft problems and search for ways to help prevent the crimes.
David Blair said the problem is growing in the neighborhood and across the entire city. But, he said, there is only so much one person can do.
The something Blair spoke of could come as a form of neighborhood watch or other assistance from residents in the community.
Over a two-day period, East Brewton police responded to five theft and burglary calls.
Billy Singleton said taking a look at laws currently in force within the city, may be a starting point to correct serious problems.
Helping law enforcement is one focus of this group of residents, but McClelland said he is ready to take a stand to do his part in protecting his property.
Dale Archer, the lone Simmons Street resident at Friday's meeting, said his property has been taken by some brave thieves.
Archer said the reason thieves return to the scene of the crime and to other homes in the area may be because they believe they have committed an untraceable crime.
McClelland said he has respect for East Brewton's police, but some routines may need a change.
Blair said this was the first meeting of the group, but it won't be the last.