Swimmer Michael Phelps passes Mark Spitz

Published 5:01 am Wednesday, August 20, 2008

By Staff
I just have one thing to say about these Olympic games - Michael Phelps is the man when it comes to swimming.
The 23-year-old U.S. swimmer recently competed in 17 swimming events (that counts qualifying swims and heats and everything) and won eight gold medals in eight medal events.
With this accomplishment he broke Mark Spitz record of seven Olympic medals in one game.
This guy is just awesome.
There was talk of all the Olympic stuff this year in Beijing started around the “lucky” number of eight in China. Hence the start of the games on 08-08-08.
Well, call it a coincidence or not, but Phelps won eight medals in these games.
Phelps won in a variety of different ways. He won in dramatic form by coming from behind in an individual race and beating his closest opponent by .01 seconds. He came from behind in a team relay and beat the French team. He then won with huge victories in individual and in team relays.
If you haven't caught on yet, this guy just knows how to win. There is debate if he is the best Olympian ever, but I would say he is. He has won more medals combined than any other man in Olympic history (Russian gymnast Larissa Latynina holds the record) and has tied the record for most Olympic medals in one set of games.
After Phelps finished his last swim and won his last gold medal, he said he would now take a long vacation and not go back swimming until February.
I think he pretty much deserves a vacation. He said he just wanted to go home and sit and not move at all and eat junk food.
After 17 swims in the Olympics, eight gold medals and about six world records, Mr. Phelps, go take you as long as a vacation as you want and eat as much junk food as your belly can hold.
Oh, and eat a Little Debbie Fudge Round for me.
On a different note, football season unofficially kicks off tomorrow night in East Brewton when the W.S. Neal Eagles take on Escambia County at 7 p.m. Next week, the real show begins as area teams and state teams begin their 2008 seasons and their road to the Super Six.
I hope all have a great week and until Sunday when we meet again here or out in the world of sports, God bless.