Tuesday vote time for exercise

Published 5:25 am Monday, August 25, 2008

By Staff
In just two days, voters across the country will be deciding who mayors and city council members will be for the next term. Brewton and East Brewton residents will be choosing their council as well.
On Tuesday, residents in each community will be given the opportunity to exercise their right, and privilege, to vote.
There are 24 names that will appear on ballots in the two cities allowing voters an opportunity a choice in choosing candidates for council seats and the position of mayor in East Brewton.
The fact that such a large number of candidates have chosen to enter the political ring shows that residents in our community have an interest in local government and are willing to step up to offer their help.
We hope that voters in both cities will follow the lead of the candidates and become more involved in their local government by casting a ballot.
Officials will make sure that polling locations will be operational from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday to allow plenty of time for voters to find their way to the polls.
We encourage all registered voters to let their voice be heard by heading to the polls Tuesday. For those residents in the area who are not registered to vote, we encourage you to find out more about becoming a registered voter in the near future.
Exercise has been said to keep a body healthy. The exercise of voting can keep a community healthy.
We encourage all voters to make the commitment to do their part in participating in city government by voting this Tuesday.