Tight times for all: Schools could be hit by economy

Published 10:54 am Monday, October 6, 2008

By By Lisa Tindell- news editor
A shaky economy is likely to hit the local school systems first, although other local governments are looking to the future with a wary eye as well.
Much of Escambia County's revenue comes from property and automobile taxes as well as other fees and charges, Sanks said. But, the funds made possible by those revenues won't be going as far as they used to.
Brewton City Schools are facing a tough few months ahead, with even tougher times expected in the coming year. Lynn Smith, superintendent for the system, said cuts and freezes in the budget are just around the corner.
Smith said the Proration Pevention Act fund is drained, and there is little help available from the Rainy Day Account now in place.
Smith likened the economic uncertainty for education budgets to that of a hurricane.
Although funding may be cut in the next year from many angles, Smith said the education of the students won't suffer as a result.
Smith also said the economic instability may have a minimal effect on the progress of a new building for Brewton Middle School students.
Smith said purchasing may slow down somewhat and corners will be cut when needed.