Fear comes from ignorance

Published 11:55 am Monday, October 13, 2008

By Staff
To say that I'm a little scared is an understatement. It's a little strange, but my fear is mostly because of ignorance. The only solace I can take is that I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in my fear or ignorance.
Last week Congress decided to “bail out” or “rescue” some financial folks by shelling out $700,000,000. That's my money, your money and your mama's money they are using to help take care of some bad decisions made by folks who wanted a house.
The thing that has me a shaking in my shoes is my ignorance about al of this activity.
When we were discussing the situatiion at work, I realized just how narrow-minded I was. My whole argument was that I didn't care what happened as long as I got a paycheck each payday and was able to pay my light bill and put food on my table. I didn't think the “bail out” would really effect me all that much.
What I'm thinking now is that I'm really ignorant and haven't paid good enough attention to what's going on around me.
Apparently, this bail out thing is going to have some effect on my bottom line.
From the fall on the stock market, analysts are saying that people are going to start losing their jobs. That may well be true and I'm worried for them.
The loss of those jobs may trickle down and have an effect on my financial well-being. That's what the analysts are saying, but I'm not sure what that effect will be.
I don't feel very threatened in my job. There will always be news to report and stories to tell no matter what the state of the conomy is. As a matter of fact, there may be more news to report as businesses close, unemployment lines grow and more people becoming homeless in the process. Who knows what tomorrow may bring.
I don't have a lot of money tied up in stocks, just a little bit in a 401K, so I'm not too worried about my retirement accounts. But, from what I'm hearing lately, maybe I should be scared.
The old saying is that “ignorance is bliss.” I'm starting to think that saying should be changed to “ignorance can bring fear.”
Lisa Tindell is news editor of The Brewton Standard. She can be reached by email at lisa.tindell@brewtonstandard.com.