Voting by any means is privilege

Published 12:22 pm Wednesday, October 15, 2008

By Staff
With the national election just three weeks away, Americans must pause to remember the privilege we enjoy.
Voting for any candidate is one of the many privileges afforded to Americans by people who have died in a fight for that right.
Too often voters have used have the excuse of a busy lifestyle as a reason not to pull the lever or draw the line at their polling place.
Business, school or military obligations take many people far away from their voting location on Election Day, but, thanks to the hard work, blood, sweat and tears of many, absentee voting is an alternative in making your voice heard.
Absentee voting is only available to those who can prove they have a reason not to show up at their polling location on Election Day. If a person meets those qualifications, they have the ability to vote for the candidate of their choice in the comfort of their home.
That ability erases any excuses not to cast your vote.
With this year's national election set to make history, every voter should certainly exercise their right and privilege to vote.
Whether you are Republican, Democrat, independent or non-committed, casting a vote is not just a privilege and a right, but is very close to being an obligation as an American.
We encourage everyone to consider the issues, consider the candidates and consider the consequences of not casting a vote.
Whether you drive, walk or ride with a friend to the polls on Nov. 4, we encourage your to get there.
If you aren't going to be in town or otherwise unable to make it to your polling place on Nov. 4, we encourage you to find an application for an absentee ballot and cast your vote by mail or in person in room 215 of the Escambia County Courthouse.
Either way, voting is one privilege you don't want to throw away.

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