SPEC safety hits four-year milestone

Published 12:41 pm Monday, October 20, 2008

By By Lisa Tindell – news editor
The death of a loved one is never easy. Ron Hayes knows all too well after losing his 19 year-old son in an industrial accident 15 years ago.
Hayes addressed more than 70 employees at Southern Pine Electric Cooperative Thursday during a monthly safety meeting at the Brewton headquarters.
Hayes was an invited guest at the meeting that celebrated the four-year mark of no loss-time accidents at Southern Pine Electric Cooperative.
In is address to employees, Hayes related the story of his son's death and what he learned from the experience.
Hayes said the record set at SPEC means more than just being safe.
Hayes said the speech he gave to the large group of employees isn't his typical speech.
SPEC General Manger Vince Johnson said the milestone was reached because of the dedication of the employees.
Johnson also said the company offers incentives each quarter as a result of their safety achievements.
Hayes related a series of statistics concerning industrial accidents across the country and in Alabama.
The FIGHT project is a service group founded by Hayes and his wife, Dot, after the death of their son. The project's name is an acronym for “Families In Grief Hold Together.”
Hayes founded the organization to help other families who have lost loved ones on the job get through the ordeal of that death.
Hayes said the organization, a non-profit group, assists families with technical assistance and getting information concerning OSHA standards and regulations.
Information concerning legal remedies and rights of families after an injury or death is also provided by the organization.
Hayes' group also provides pre-counseling to help families cope with grief as well as information on what to ask for from safety, company and law enforcment officials after a death or serious injury.
Hayes also provides details of his experience with government agencies and helps other families sort through the many reports and questions that must be asked in order to achieve results after a death.
To contact The FIGHT Project, call 1-800-388-8644, Code 19.
Hayes said he hopes to one day see an end to safety violations that result in deaths and serious injuries.

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