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Published 1:00 pm Wednesday, October 22, 2008

By by Carolyn Bivens – Extension Agent
An exciting event has just been completed in the Brewton Area! A New Leaf-Choices for Healthy Living Program was conducted in two of our local community churches. Community Health Agents, (CHA) Amanda Hardy and Rhoda Watson spear-headed the program in the Pea Ridge/St. Mark Church and Community Health Agent Linda Frazier and Carolyn Bivins organized the meetings at Brewton/Second St. Siloam Church.
An emotional tear-jerking graduation ceremony was held at both facilities. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed learning new things each week that they did not want to see the program end. Graduates from the Pea ridge New Leaf group included: Francine Collins, Yolanda Brown, Christine Crewell, Burlis Crenshaw, Ruby Fantroy, Ivea Humphrey, Lucy Lewis, Elvary Lyde, Julia Patton, Mary Peterson, Marilyn Simmons, Pearl Stallworth, Margaret Sutton, Betty Thomas, Pamela Triplett, Betty Watson, Lillist Watson, Olympia Watson, Rhoda Watson, Ella Ruth Young
Graduates from; the Second St. Siloam Program included: Willie J. Blue, Lois Brown, Kim Collins, Ruth Collins Barbara Curry, Linda Frazier, Velia Harris, Shenika Harrison, Alice Holmes, Jackie Hubbard, Carrie Lewis, Becky McCreary, Celesta Motton, Angela Paul, Martha Peters, Mildred Pride, Phyllis Redmond, Juanita Smith, Margarie Smith, Marilyn Smith, Mary Stallworth, Gwen Walton, Regina Watson, and Emma West
The Alabama Cooperative Extension System in partnership with the Alabama Department of Public Health-Office of Women's Health introduced the New Leaf Program to help combat the problem of obesity, diabetes and other chronic diseases in the Brewton area.
It was an eight-week program that addressed behavior changes and promoted healthy lifestyles with practical strategies and lessons for making changes.
Many times professional leaders from the community added their expertise in teaching lessons. This program can be used in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease, obesity and other chronic diseases.
In summary the participants left encouraged to continue to make healthy choices, read labels, eat more fruits and vegetables, eat smaller portions, and to increase their physical activities.
The total weight lost was from two to 10 pounds for both groups.
From the Pea Ridge/St/ Mark Group: Olympia Watson lost the most weight; Margaret Sutton lost the most inches; and Elvary Lyde, Julia Patton, and Lillist Watson had perfect attendance.
From the Brewton/Second St. Siloam Group: Rev Blue lost the most weight;Gwen Walton and Becky McCreary recieved Honorable Mention for losing the second highest amount of weight; Regina Watson and Becky McCreary lost the most inches; Marilyn Smith, Alice Holmes, Velia Harris, Marilyn Smith, Regina Watson and Gwen Walton had perfect attendance.
The Early Birds were Alice Holmes, Marilyn Smith and Gwen Walton
I would like to give a special thank you to the Reverend Moses Atwood of St. Mark Baptist church and the Reverend Willie J. Blue of Second St. Siloam Baptist Church for having the vision to open their church doors to our “A New Leaf-Choices for Healthy Living Program.”
They were both the perfect site to hold our weekly meeting.
I also would like to thank the CHA's for the hard work and sacrifice they gave to make the programs big successes. The Pea Ridge/ St Mark group will continue with their plans to walk weekly around Jefferson Davis Community College Park and the Second St. Siloam group will meet once a month for weigh-in and exercises.
The next “A New Leaf-Choices for Healthy Living Program” I will be a part of will be in the Atmore area. Call 251-867-7760 if you are interested in starting a New Leaf program in your community.
We are encouraged to help the communities to combat the problems of obesity, diabetes, and other chronic diseases and it can be done through our program.